April 11, 2016 hpmovement

The Two Minutes That Changed HP Movement Forever

This weekend I was in Charlotte (on Saturday) and Atlanta (on Sunday) managing the respective 5k runs for the Wanderlust 108 tour (I’ll explain what that is in a second). How I got there can be attributed to a two minute email that was sent last spring.

Here is the quick story.

Last March (Spring 2015), I stumbled across a friend’s Facebook post that they were excited Wanderlust 108 was coming to San Diego later that May. At the time, I had no idea what the event was. All I knew was Wanderlust had an intensely loyal following in the event scene among yogis. I took a quick glance and saw their event was a ‘spiritual triathlon’, which they defined as a 5k run, yoga and meditation. I made the hopeful assumption that they were primarily yoga production experts and needed some help with the 5k.

I was already procrastinating on some other work, so I figured I’d take two minutes, go to the Contact Us page on the Wanderlust website and throw it out there that HP Movement can help manage the run.

What happened next?

Well fast forward today. After managing seven Wanderlust 108s in 2015 across six states, we’ve joined back up in 2016. This weekend kicked things off with Charlotte and Atlanta, on our way to 12 cities in the next 6 weeks. By the time the year is over, we’ll manage 20 cities and some estimated 40,000+ Wanderlust runners.

Rarely do I think back on past decisions. I’m always looking forward, trying to anticipate where to focus next. But it can be a bit mind-blowing when you can so clearly identify an impulsive decision to a life-changing or career changing journey.  It’s about to be a heck of a ride with the incredible Wanderlust Festival staff and we’re excited to share more stories along the way.

In the meantime I’m reminded, what chance encounter or two minute email might change our lives next?


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