America’s Finest Corporate Dash is back

Date Announced for San Diego’s 2nd Annual America’s Finest Corporate Dash – San Diego’s Largest Corporate Run & Party!

Save the Date – San Diego’s Largest Corporate Run & Party!
June 22nd, 2017
Qualcomm Stadium

High Performance Movement, one of San Diego’s premier race management companies, is thrilled to announce that America’s Finest Corporate Dash will be back in San Diego for its 2nd year on Thursday night, June 22nd at Qualcomm Stadium.

The inaugural event in 2016 hosted over 80 companies and 1,000+ attendees, bringing employees together for one amazing night of fitness, team bonding and celebration. It was awarded the “Best Corporate Run for Employees” by San Diego Magazine.

Eric Marenburg, co-founder of HP Movement, said “San Diego has one of the healthiest, happiest and most vibrant business communities in the country. In 2016, we exceeded our goal to create an event that would bring those amazing companies together for a night of health, wellness and celebration. After an incredible inaugural event last year, we cannot wait to bring even more companies and participants together this summer!”

The 2017 America’s Finest Corporate Dash will start at 5 PM on June 22nd and will host a 5K run where companies will build teams of co-workers to walk, jog, or run the 5K course. Following the race, all participants are welcome to the after-party festivities at Qualcomm Stadium, which will host a craft beer garden, food, lawn games and live music.  Company teams are encouraged to invite guests (clients, family and friends) to join in on the action.

The event will be benefiting PEERS Network, a San Diego-based nonprofit organization dedicated to giving back to the San Diego community by developing leaders, building a thriving network of local entrepreneurs, and enhancing philanthropic pursuits.

The 2016 “Largest Team” Award went to SKLZ, a Carlsbad-based company specializing in sports training equipment.  Brian Enge, President of SKLZ, said “We do a lot of team based events and athletic competitions however, it is internally unanimous that the Corporate Dash was the single best team event we’ve done all year.   Everyone was able to participate – we had some running for a PR, some out for their workout of the day, some attempting their first 5k and some walking.  We had teammates that shined during the run and others that were at their best during the after party.  Those that didn’t participate this year definitely felt like they missed something great and we’ll be back in full force in 2017.”

To learn more or register, head to Early bird registration is available through February 3rd for only $30 per participant.

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High Performance Movement is a San Diego-based event production company dedicated to bringing the community together through unique, memorable events that tell a story and empower people to get out and enjoy new experiences. They are responsible for the creation and management of dozens of races and events in San Diego and across the United States, including the Pacific Beachfest 5K, San Diego Santa Run, Finish Chelsea’s Run and all of the Wanderlust 108 events across the country.

For more information contact Kyle Mellor at (858) 412-6787 or


Balboa Park 8 Miler: The Can’t Miss Summer Race!

5 Reasons the 62nd Annual Balboa Park 8 Miler is the Can’t Miss Summer Race of 2016!

Balboa Park 8 Miler – Saturday, August 6, 2016

1. Become Part of San Diego Running History

The Balboa Park 8 Miler  is entering its 62nd year of competition which makes it the longest consecutively run race in all of San Diego!  Started by San Diego Track Club‘s Bill Gookin back in 1955, the 8 Miler was created as a competition between runners in LA and those here in San Diego.  Why the 8-mile distance you might be asking?!  Well Bill and his SDTC teammates typically won over the 10K distance and their rival LA squad typically won over the 10-mile distance, so they decide on an epic showdown right in the middle!  Since that inaugural race in 1955 the iconic 8-mile race as taken place every year in Balboa Park.  The 62nd version of the 8 miler is set to be the largest in race history, which gives you a chance to be part of the epic history of San Diego’s Longest Running Tradition!

2. Amazing Tour of Balboa Park

Did you know Balboa Park is the nation’s largest urban culture park and this race takes you on one epic run though all it has to offer?!  Starting out right in front of the San Diego Hall of Champions, which happens to be the nation’s largest multi-sport museum, this race has a plethora of iconic museums to showcase.  The course wastes no time in running by beautiful scenery, when you run right by the 101-year old Spreckels Organ Pavilion at the quarter mile mark.  The Spreckels Organ Pavilion is comprised of over 4,518 pipes which makes it the largest outdoor organ in the Western Hemisphere!  Check out all the different museums, landmarks and scenery you will run by during your epic 8 mile tour of Balboa Park:

Balboa Landmark Image

Landmarks & mile markers you will run past them:
  • Spreckels Organ Pavilion – .2, 3.6, 7.8
  • Mingei Museum: .3, 3.5, 7.8
  • Sculpture Garden: .4, 3.4, 7.7
  • California Plaza: .4, 3.4, 7.7
  • San Diego Museum of Man: .4, 3.4, 7.7
  • Cabrillo Bridge, .5, 3.1, 7.4
  • Plaza de Panama: .3, 3.7
  • Timken Museum: 3.7
  • Botanical Garden: 3.8
  • Casa del Prado: 3.8
  • Natural History Museum: 3.9
  • Morton Bay Fig Lawn: 3.9
  • Spanish Village Art Center: 4
  • San Diego Zoo: 4.1
  • Bridle Trail: 5.1 – 5.8
  • Kate Sessions Statue: 7.1

3. Epic Bling!

After finishing 8 miles through Balboa Park there must be an equally iconic finisher’s medal to take home!  Each year the theme of the medal features one of Balboa Park’s many beautiful features.  This year that honor goes to the 101-year old Spreckels Organ Pavilion.  The classically designed medal does a beautiful job capturing the majestic organ pavilion.  Since race spots are limited and the medal changes each year, now is your chance to make sure this one hangs on your medal rack!

Balboa Park 8 Miler 2016 Medal Release

4. Automatic PR for Most

Whether Bill Gookin was planning this or not in 1955, he created a perfect race for runners to grab a brand spanking new Personal Record (PR)!  We all love coming across the finish to a race with a shiny new PR and unless you have run this race in the past, you are definitely walking home with a new PR!

5.  It Will Sell Out Prior to Race Day

Stop what you are doing!  Don’t hesitate!  Get registered ASAP!

The 62nd Annual Balboa Park 8 Miler will only host 2,000 registered participants and it is already well over half filled.  In San Diego there are plenty of race options in the summertime so it’s hard to commit to one, but don’t hesitate much longer this race will sell out and the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) effect will be real.  Each year the event strives to bring the best possible Balboa Park experience to the race and because of that we work to keep the crowd more intimate for the best experience possible!


Learn More at


That’s a Wrap…Wanderlust 108 Spring Tour

12 cities + 15,000 participants = Amazing Wanderlust 108 Spring Tour!

It is always a bittersweet feeling when you close the books on an event but it certainly feels 5x that when you close the doors on a seasonal tour.  This weekend we wrapped up the 12 city spring tour for Wanderlust 108 with two great events in Kansas City and Seattle.  These two events mark the end of a 7-week spring run managing the 5K portion of Wanderlust 108, the world’s only Mindful Triathlon!

I say it is bittersweet because over a 7-week stretch you grow accustom to working with your weekend event family but on the sweet side you get to look back at a successful series of events and now get to enjoy some weekends home in San Diego!

At HP Movement we managed the series of events, which often saw two cities on the same weekend, by dividing and conquering.  Some cities saw all three of us there, a few saw a pair and the rest were one of us leading the charge.  Since our team got to see different venues and different crowds, we each walked away with slightly different experiences and takeaways:


Charlotte, Atlanta, San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Sacramento, Chicago, Kansas City

One of the most important takeaways for me has been cultivating and maintaining our great relationship with the Wanderlust family. When we started working with the team in 2015, it was exciting for them that we were a consistent partner for the 5k and that we were managing each run so smoothly. It was like the ‘honeymoon’ phase of the relationship. Now entering 2016, while we were all still excited to work together, it was now expected that we kept delivering flawlessly on every run. The bar had been set and we needed to match it. This brought a different level of pressure to our team.  However, it also brought a new level of motivation. As a small business, all we can ask for is the opportunity to foster a relationship with a long-standing client. So it’s been a rewarding experience to continuously meet the high expectations we set for ourselves.


San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Portland, Seattle

What a ride it’s been the past few weeks with the Wanderlust 108 Team. I’m still the newbie on the road, but after San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland and Seattle I’d call myself a veteran. I had the pleasure of sunshine and clear skies for most of the Wanderlust 108’s I worked. Portland was a different story. It rained and we had some cold temperatures, but that didn’t stop the party. From the starting line and pre run stretch to the dance party and group yoga, we made sure the rain didn’t dampen our spirits. Throughout this wild ride, I managed a race course by myself, learned to drive a golf cart, gave myself the nickname ‘Heather 5K’ and got hooked on the song ‘Only Love is Real’ by MC Yogi. Although The Wanderlust journey is on hold until the fall, I can’t wait to pick back up and start again.


Dallas, San Francisco, Scottsdale, San Diego, Chicago, Seattle

The take away from Wanderlust 108 that excites me the most is the amount of participants who ran/jog/skipped/walked their first 5K.

Before the start of each city, MC Yogi would ask all those who were taking part in their first 5K to give a shout, and the roar always put a smile on my face.  To know that a large group of people were about to experience the joy of starting/finishing a 5K, no matter how fast or slow, for the first time is exciting for the space as a whole.  108s are the perfect way for new participants to enter the space as the atmosphere is inviting and promotes fitness through togetherness.  Some of these individuals may never step up to the start line again, some will go on to run some more fun runs and I’m sure a few will go on to compete in halfs, marathons and chase PRs for years!

Thank you for a great spring Wanderlust 108 and we are excited to kick it all back off on the east coast this fall!

Welcome Kyle to HP Movement!

As the new guy, Eric and Pete asked that I introduce myself with a blog post.  I guess that’s their way of Rookie Hazing, which is just fine by me.  Better than taking a paddle to the backside or chugging a gallon of milk, right?
So, how did I end up here?  That’s a good question, since I literally have zero background in competitive running.  While I grew up in the Philadelphia area playing pretty much every competitive team sport known to man, running was never on my radar.  Honestly, I hated running even to train for the sports I did play.  Don’t get me wrong; I certainly have a ton of respect for the track stars and long distance runners, it just wasn’t what I was interested in during my younger days. I needed to be chasing a ball around, have some physical contact or score a goal to keep me engaged and excited.  Lucky for me, I had an older and younger brother who were wired the same way.  We’d much rather tune in to a baseball game blowout than a political debate.  It would be an understatement to say that we grew up in an absolute madhouse (I mean that in a good way).
After college, I ended up in San Diego for no real reason other than to try something new and different.  I had no clue what my career path was and wrestled with countless ideas.  I remember one day, I was going through my usual routine of searching for jobs online and contemplating which direction I wanted to go with my life, when it just clicked: “Sports.”  How did I not think of this sooner?  My whole life, my biggest passion and entertainment source had been sports and I never once thought about it as a career choice.  A big part of me felt like a total idiot for just realizing this, but even more so, I was excited and relieved.  I found an awesome local company online that was in the sports marketing and event management space, sent an email and started an internship a week later.  From the moment I got my foot in the door, I knew this was the industry for me.  I was truly happy to wake up and go to work, which is something I questioned I would ever find.
All good things must come to an end.  When it came time to look for the next opportunity roughly 4 years later, I was pretty surprised San Diego did not have as many opportunities in sports as I had anticipated.  Convincing myself that maybe it was time for a new chapter, I ended up taking a chance and leaving the sports industry to see what else was out there.  While I enjoyed my time away from sports and learned a ton of valuable lessons, the passion was just not there at the end of the day and something was missing.
Then, out of the blue, the HP Movement opportunity arose and I knew right away this way meant to be.  After 2 long years away from the industry, I’m beyond excited to join the HP Movement team.  While I’ve only been here a short while, it’s refreshing to wake up each day happy and motivated to get to work.  I’m looking forward to accomplishing some great things with the HP Movement team!
That’s the quick version of how HP Movement ended up getting stuck with me.  I’d be happy to bore you to death with more of my life story over a pint sometime!

Miles Down. Bottoms Up!

Have you registered yet? What are you waiting for? Confused? Let me explain…

We are working with Road Runner Sports to produce the Craft Classic Half Marathon and 5K at Green Flash Brewery in Mira Mesa on July 17th. If you haven’t heard about it, don’t worry I can catch you up on all the info you need plus hook you up with a discount code. You. Are. Welcome.

The Craft Classic Half Marathon will run partially along the beautiful 56 bike path before taking you down through Sorrento Valley. Then, up some rolling hills which lead you toward Green Flash Brewery in Mira Mesa. Waiting for you at the finish line will be the most BEAUTIFUL Craft Beer Garden you’ve ever seen. A limited edition craft brew (21+ only) and a commemorative pint glass are yours along with a finisher’s medal and event shirt!

The course looks good, finisher’s goodies look great and we’ve got your exclusive discount. Be sure to use “HPM” when checking out to save $15. The price goes up on Sunday so don’t wait! Save an extra $5 by registering before Monday!

Register Here

Peace and Running,

Balboa Park 8 Miler’s Big Opening Week!

Wow!  What an opening week for San Diego Track Club’s 62nd Annual Balboa Park 8 Miler!

Registration opened up for San Diego’s longest consecutively run race last Tuesday and we have already had over 500 people lock up their spot for the 2016 8 mile race.

HP Movement is now entering our fourth year of directing the 8 Miler and each year this is absolutely one of our favorite events to direct.  The race has so much history in Balboa Park and also provides all the runners with a unique running tour through Balboa Park.  Between the Organ Pavilion, San Diego Hall of Champions, Museum of Man, Cabrillo Bridge, 6th Avenue, San Diego Zoo, the Bridle Trail and more, the course is jam packed with beautiful scenery!

But what excites me most about this race is that so many runners share the same enthusiasm for the event that we do and the numbers don’t lie!  Last year’s 8 Miler sold out almost two months prior to race day and with the amazing first week we are expecting more of the same for 2016!

If you are interesting in running this year or simply want to learn more about the event, head to!

Run Far, Run Fast,


Without Adult Supervision

I joined the HP Movement team in September of 2015. I was so excited to take one step closer to my dream of becoming a “Race Director.” In the past few months I have seen every side of race operations from permits, to vendor orders, to set-up, to breakdown and “putting out fires.” I’ve shadowed Pete on course set-up and start line management; I’ve followed Eric on all things registration and check-in. Finally, this past week I was solely responsible for start line operations, without “adult supervision” (hence the title of my blog).

If you read Eric’s blog from earlier this week (and I’m sure you did) you know he was touring the East Coast this weekend which left Pete and I to conquer 4,000+ runners at the Triton 5K. For the second straight year, HP Movement has managed the course operations for the UCSD Triton 5K. Each year the event seems to get bigger and better, however this year we were doomed with a rare rainy weekend in San Diego! Despite the weather, we smiled through the clouds and the cold on Friday at packet pickup and then crushed on-site registration on race morning. While Pete was out on the course checking directional signs and course marshals, I was left to man the start line on my own

For safety and enjoyment reasons, I broke the runners into small waves with 45 seconds between them. This maintains the flow of runners and helps prevent bottlenecks at turns and aid stations. I managed a team of five fantastic volunteers to keep the participant energy up and control a crowd of 4,000+ eager runners. Once the last runner crossed the start line it was time to break it all down. Just like that. it was over. All the prep and all the set-up and all the nerves were gone. All 4,000+ happy, smiling participants were on their way through UCSD’s campus toward the finish line festival!
The clouds broke, the rain held off and Sunday April 10th was a record breaking event for the UCSD Triton 5K. I was my own version of a Race Director and I cannot wait to do this again!
Peace and Running,

The Two Minutes That Changed HP Movement Forever

This weekend I was in Charlotte (on Saturday) and Atlanta (on Sunday) managing the respective 5k runs for the Wanderlust 108 tour (I’ll explain what that is in a second). How I got there can be attributed to a two minute email that was sent last spring.

Here is the quick story.

Last March (Spring 2015), I stumbled across a friend’s Facebook post that they were excited Wanderlust 108 was coming to San Diego later that May. At the time, I had no idea what the event was. All I knew was Wanderlust had an intensely loyal following in the event scene among yogis. I took a quick glance and saw their event was a ‘spiritual triathlon’, which they defined as a 5k run, yoga and meditation. I made the hopeful assumption that they were primarily yoga production experts and needed some help with the 5k.

I was already procrastinating on some other work, so I figured I’d take two minutes, go to the Contact Us page on the Wanderlust website and throw it out there that HP Movement can help manage the run.

What happened next?

Well fast forward today. After managing seven Wanderlust 108s in 2015 across six states, we’ve joined back up in 2016. This weekend kicked things off with Charlotte and Atlanta, on our way to 12 cities in the next 6 weeks. By the time the year is over, we’ll manage 20 cities and some estimated 40,000+ Wanderlust runners.

Rarely do I think back on past decisions. I’m always looking forward, trying to anticipate where to focus next. But it can be a bit mind-blowing when you can so clearly identify an impulsive decision to a life-changing or career changing journey.  It’s about to be a heck of a ride with the incredible Wanderlust Festival staff and we’re excited to share more stories along the way.

In the meantime I’m reminded, what chance encounter or two minute email might change our lives next?


Become a Balboa Park 8 Miler VIP!

Balboa Park 8 Miler!

We are officially 124 days away from the 62nd annual San Diego Track Club’s Balboa Park 8 Miler race, San Diego’s longest running race event! Known as one of San Diego’s favorite and most iconic races, this year’s Balboa Park 8 Miler will take place on August 6, 2016 and we’re thrilled to share that the VIP list is officially OPEN for pre-registration! The unique 8-mile race will change its course this year for the first time ever for a revamped, extra special route through Balboa Park. Racers may be lucky enough to stride along Bill Gookin, the race’s original founder back in 1954! Last year, the Balboa Park 8 Miler sold out nearly 2 months out from race day. This year, we’re making sure our loyal HP Movement blog readers don’t miss out on this “gr8”race, so be sure to join the VIP list to pre-register. Keep checking back to “On the Move with Fun Facilitators!” for more pre-race excitement as we ramp up to the Balboa Park 8 Miler! See you on August 6th!

Peace and Running,


Welcome to “On the Move with Fun Facilitators!”

Welcome to “On the Move with Fun Facilitators!”

We are excited to announce that High Performance Movement’s website received a major face lift AND we will be launching “On the Move with Fun Facilitators” a brand new blog!

Each year thousands of runners experience the nerves at the start line, the thrill at the finish line and bliss of the first post-race beer.  But the story that doesn’t often get shared is the months leading up the race and craziness that is a race directors event day weekend.  At HP Movement we want to utilize “On the Move with Fun Facilitators” to share stories that come before the race announcer yells the magic two letter word.  We want to share our favorite moments of the events, the process and a glimpse into the office lives as fun facilitators!

Be sure to stay tuned as we will regularly update the blog with new stories throughout each week.  And as always, we would love to hear your feedback for what stories you would be interested in reading!

Run Far, Run Fast,