That’s a Wrap…Wanderlust 108 Spring Tour

12 cities + 15,000 participants = Amazing Wanderlust 108 Spring Tour!

It is always a bittersweet feeling when you close the books on an event but it certainly feels 5x that when you close the doors on a seasonal tour.  This weekend we wrapped up the 12 city spring tour for Wanderlust 108 with two great events in Kansas City and Seattle.  These two events mark the end of a 7-week spring run managing the 5K portion of Wanderlust 108, the world’s only Mindful Triathlon!

I say it is bittersweet because over a 7-week stretch you grow accustom to working with your weekend event family but on the sweet side you get to look back at a successful series of events and now get to enjoy some weekends home in San Diego!

At HP Movement we managed the series of events, which often saw two cities on the same weekend, by dividing and conquering.  Some cities saw all three of us there, a few saw a pair and the rest were one of us leading the charge.  Since our team got to see different venues and different crowds, we each walked away with slightly different experiences and takeaways:


Charlotte, Atlanta, San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Sacramento, Chicago, Kansas City

One of the most important takeaways for me has been cultivating and maintaining our great relationship with the Wanderlust family. When we started working with the team in 2015, it was exciting for them that we were a consistent partner for the 5k and that we were managing each run so smoothly. It was like the ‘honeymoon’ phase of the relationship. Now entering 2016, while we were all still excited to work together, it was now expected that we kept delivering flawlessly on every run. The bar had been set and we needed to match it. This brought a different level of pressure to our team.  However, it also brought a new level of motivation. As a small business, all we can ask for is the opportunity to foster a relationship with a long-standing client. So it’s been a rewarding experience to continuously meet the high expectations we set for ourselves.


San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Portland, Seattle

What a ride it’s been the past few weeks with the Wanderlust 108 Team. I’m still the newbie on the road, but after San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland and Seattle I’d call myself a veteran. I had the pleasure of sunshine and clear skies for most of the Wanderlust 108’s I worked. Portland was a different story. It rained and we had some cold temperatures, but that didn’t stop the party. From the starting line and pre run stretch to the dance party and group yoga, we made sure the rain didn’t dampen our spirits. Throughout this wild ride, I managed a race course by myself, learned to drive a golf cart, gave myself the nickname ‘Heather 5K’ and got hooked on the song ‘Only Love is Real’ by MC Yogi. Although The Wanderlust journey is on hold until the fall, I can’t wait to pick back up and start again.


Dallas, San Francisco, Scottsdale, San Diego, Chicago, Seattle

The take away from Wanderlust 108 that excites me the most is the amount of participants who ran/jog/skipped/walked their first 5K.

Before the start of each city, MC Yogi would ask all those who were taking part in their first 5K to give a shout, and the roar always put a smile on my face.  To know that a large group of people were about to experience the joy of starting/finishing a 5K, no matter how fast or slow, for the first time is exciting for the space as a whole.  108s are the perfect way for new participants to enter the space as the atmosphere is inviting and promotes fitness through togetherness.  Some of these individuals may never step up to the start line again, some will go on to run some more fun runs and I’m sure a few will go on to compete in halfs, marathons and chase PRs for years!

Thank you for a great spring Wanderlust 108 and we are excited to kick it all back off on the east coast this fall!

Welcome Kyle to HP Movement!

As the new guy, Eric and Pete asked that I introduce myself with a blog post.  I guess that’s their way of Rookie Hazing, which is just fine by me.  Better than taking a paddle to the backside or chugging a gallon of milk, right?
So, how did I end up here?  That’s a good question, since I literally have zero background in competitive running.  While I grew up in the Philadelphia area playing pretty much every competitive team sport known to man, running was never on my radar.  Honestly, I hated running even to train for the sports I did play.  Don’t get me wrong; I certainly have a ton of respect for the track stars and long distance runners, it just wasn’t what I was interested in during my younger days. I needed to be chasing a ball around, have some physical contact or score a goal to keep me engaged and excited.  Lucky for me, I had an older and younger brother who were wired the same way.  We’d much rather tune in to a baseball game blowout than a political debate.  It would be an understatement to say that we grew up in an absolute madhouse (I mean that in a good way).
After college, I ended up in San Diego for no real reason other than to try something new and different.  I had no clue what my career path was and wrestled with countless ideas.  I remember one day, I was going through my usual routine of searching for jobs online and contemplating which direction I wanted to go with my life, when it just clicked: “Sports.”  How did I not think of this sooner?  My whole life, my biggest passion and entertainment source had been sports and I never once thought about it as a career choice.  A big part of me felt like a total idiot for just realizing this, but even more so, I was excited and relieved.  I found an awesome local company online that was in the sports marketing and event management space, sent an email and started an internship a week later.  From the moment I got my foot in the door, I knew this was the industry for me.  I was truly happy to wake up and go to work, which is something I questioned I would ever find.
All good things must come to an end.  When it came time to look for the next opportunity roughly 4 years later, I was pretty surprised San Diego did not have as many opportunities in sports as I had anticipated.  Convincing myself that maybe it was time for a new chapter, I ended up taking a chance and leaving the sports industry to see what else was out there.  While I enjoyed my time away from sports and learned a ton of valuable lessons, the passion was just not there at the end of the day and something was missing.
Then, out of the blue, the HP Movement opportunity arose and I knew right away this way meant to be.  After 2 long years away from the industry, I’m beyond excited to join the HP Movement team.  While I’ve only been here a short while, it’s refreshing to wake up each day happy and motivated to get to work.  I’m looking forward to accomplishing some great things with the HP Movement team!
That’s the quick version of how HP Movement ended up getting stuck with me.  I’d be happy to bore you to death with more of my life story over a pint sometime!


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