Welcome to “On the Move with Fun Facilitators!”

Welcome to “On the Move with Fun Facilitators!”

We are excited to announce that High Performance Movement’s website received a major face lift AND we will be launching “On the Move with Fun Facilitators” a brand new blog!

Each year thousands of runners experience the nerves at the start line, the thrill at the finish line and bliss of the first post-race beer.  But the story that doesn’t often get shared is the months leading up the race and craziness that is a race directors event day weekend.  At HP Movement we want to utilize “On the Move with Fun Facilitators” to share stories that come before the race announcer yells the magic two letter word.  We want to share our favorite moments of the events, the process and a glimpse into the office lives as fun facilitators!

Be sure to stay tuned as we will regularly update the blog with new stories throughout each week.  And as always, we would love to hear your feedback for what stories you would be interested in reading!

Run Far, Run Fast,



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